Bra Pocket Soft Poly Travel Wallet Modesty Panel Chemisettes by Anne 5 Sizes

Bra Pocket Soft Poly Travel Wallet Modesty Panel Chemisettes by Anne 5 Sizes
  • Ships from the U.S. UK customers: on purchases over £15, vat and/or customs charges “must be paid once the goods have arrived in the UK but before goods are delivered.” (UK gov website)
  • The elastic loop and button attachment on our travel pocket works on any bra strap regardless the width or thickness.
  • The tension created by the patented elastic loop and button attachment (No. US 8, 371,901 B2) allows you to choose how high or low you wear it, keeps it attached and laying flat, keeps you covered even when you bend over, and nearly everyone can get a great personalized fit.
  • Made in USA by skilled seamstresses using high quality, silky, soft ,lightweight peach skin fabric; no lace; two layers of fabric provide additional quality and function. A third layer creates the pocket on the back.

The only modesty panel that keeps you covered cleavage to waist – when you bend at the waist! This is especially important for teachers and caregivers. We have taken our popular peach skin chemisette and added an extra layer of fabric that creates a pocket. It is silky soft and lightweight. Put your cell phone, cash, tissue and more in your chemi-pocket instead of your bra. Our tested, patented elastic loop and button attachments allow each individual to adjust the size for their perfect fit. (Use our measuring instructions and size chart in the image above to determine your chemisette size.) Wear low to cover cleavage or higher to cover scars, tattoos or skin conditions. For extra confidence that it will stay attached, double-wrap the elastic loops around the buttons. If the panel feels lose, is bunching or moving around, double-wrap the loops around the bra straps to create more tension. The tension also keeps the top edge of the panel at your skin when you move around or bend at the waist. The bottom of the modesty panel falls away from the body when you bend over, which keeps you covered all the way to your waist. The outer garment keeps the bottom edge from coming out as you move through your day. Chemisettes by Anne were chosen for inclusion in the celebrity gift bags at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Event. “These are amazingly wonderful! I absolutely love them. They perfectly cover my ample cleavage and stay put!” (CH, CA) “They are wonderful and work beautifully. I feel comfy and secure. I would even say they are the best accessory a lady can have!” (LH, MA) Our peach skin (a high quality polyester fabric) chemisette is soft against the skin. It is easy to care for and fairly wrinkle resistant. A double-layer of fabric further assures that it will function as promised and provide a nice appearance. We do not pre-wash our fabrics. Machine wash and dry to soften. Iron on low heat as needed. This listing is for one chemi-pocket.

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AyeGear H13 Hoodie with 13 Pockets, iPad or Tablet Pocket, MultiPocket Zip Up Fleece Jacket

AyeGear H13 Hoodie with 13 Pockets, iPad or Tablet Pocket, MultiPocket Zip Up Fleece Jacket
  • Hoodie Fleece Jacket with 13 Discreet Pockets – Unique design which makes it truly one of a kind! Not only does it look great but its comfortable to wear whilst keeping you warm during those cold days and useful for carrying your gadgets with you on the go.
  • Touch Sensitive pocket for Smartphones – This allows you to use your smartphone within the jacket’s pocket itself. The clear film on the pocket will not only let you view your smartphone screen but will also let you swipe and type through the pocket which makes it ideal when your on the move and especially when there is heavy rain or snow. Very easy and simple to use. This pocket is compatible with most brands such as Apple iPhone 6/6s, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, etc.
  • Large internal pocket for iPad / tablet or a Macbook 12″ – Carry any tablet with you. The inside pocket keeps your tablet safe and secure. There is no bulge or any kind of sagging when this pocket is used which makes it perfect for those looking to be discreet about carrying expensive devices with them. It is compatible with all major brands of tablets like the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Amazon Fire HD, etc.
  • Connectivity, Accessibility, Mobility and Security (CAMS) – Activated. Theft / Pickpocket proof jacket that will keep your devices safe and secure at all times. It can be used for sports, casual wear, leisure clothing, camping, hiking, travel, outdoor pool, gym, festivals, concerts, etc.
  • Zero bulge, Technical fleece hoodie with premium cotton – Available in Black, Grey, Blue, Red and Maroon colors. Machine washable. Sizes available for both men and women.

AyeGear® H13

Want to stay warm, safe and connected whilst on the move? The new AyeGear® H13 is a fleece-lined Hoodie with 13 unique compartments designed for the ultimate in Connectivity, Accessibility, Mobility and Security. The redesigned H13 incorporates the same philosophy as its predecessor in the form of a warm and premium fleece-lined Hoodie aimed at travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and students.

The AyeGear® H13 is a hardwearing designed hoodie which works well in all weather conditions, especially colder climates. It features a full zip design (easy-to-grab zip puller) with quality cotton implemented to provide the wearer with not only functionality but comfort – versatile for everyday adventures.

Engineered and designed for the perfect balance of casual style and comfort, The AyeGear® H13 Hoodie is, literally, a one of its kind.


• 13 Concealed Pockets
• 1x Touch sensitive pocket for Smartphones
• 1x Large pocket for a Tablet, iPad or a Macbook 12″
• 3x Credit card compartments
• 1x Slit for pen
• 2x Outer hand pockets with internal smaller pockets to safely store USB sticks and SD cards
• 2x Zipped chest pockets
• 2x Buttoned pockets (1x on each sleeve)
• Elasticated band for securing liquid bottles or fragile equipment
• Fitted hood
• Pickpocket-proof design
• Premium fabric and quality workmanship
• High quality stitching and top quality zips
• Relaxed fit
• Zero bulge
• Technology enabled clothing
• Machine washable
• Worn on the film set of the movie ‘Xmen Days of Future Past (2014)’

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MaxTara Special pocket Bra for Silicone Breast Form Fake Boobs

MaxTara Special pocket Bra for Silicone Breast Form Fake Boobs
  • Special Bra for Women’s after Mastectomy. Also can be accompanied by full silicone breast forms which are designed for cosplay, transvestites etc and for women with a flat chest.
  • The cups are made available to large pockets for inserts or medical prostheses.
  • The bra is reinforced at the underside of luxury lace materials to hold the weight of the breast forms.
  • Not only you don’t need to worry about if the silicone breast will fall out, but also no one will know.
  • Note: The listing is only the pocket bra, but we sell silicone which perfectly fits this pocket bra.

Colour: black, white, pink, skin
About this special pocket bra ,we suggest you can use it with silicone, it can make you more femininity and pretty.
When you use this bra with the silicone breast you don’t need to worry about the silicone will fall out.
Because of the cleverly designed, The pockets hold your silicone forms perfectly in place ,thus preventing any embarrassing slippages. So that you can dance on the dance floor crazily, do every sport you like, even if you can wear this pocket bra to play the Stealth.
Made of high-quality, soft, and pleasant to the touch material; Decorated with beautifully lace.
Adjustable back closure and shoulder straps enable you to match the height and girth of your figure.
Thanks to these unique features the bra restores a natural appearance of the breasts and securely holds the prosthesis, giving a sense of comfort for the entire day.
If you have questions ,please contact us .we are so glad to help you .

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