AyeGear T5 TShirt with 5 Discreet Pockets, Premium Quality, Ultra Soft Touch Feel, Sports and Travel Tshirt

AyeGear T5 TShirt with 5 Discreet Pockets, Premium Quality, Ultra Soft Touch Feel, Sports and Travel Tshirt
  • Travel T-shirt with 5 Discreet Pockets – Unique design which makes it truly one of a kind! Not only does it look great but its also very comfortable to wear, even with a jacket or sweater worn over it. Ideal t-shirt for Photographers, Travelers, sports fans and Adventurers.
  • 2x Hand warmer pockets (open side pockets) – These pockets are large enough to hold an Amazon Kindle or any other equivalent sized device or you can simply use them to keep your hands warm during those long walks.
  • Double stitched and extra secure pockets ensures that all your valuables are stored safely whilst you are on the move.
  • All sizes are designed to give the user a relaxed fit thus allowing the wearer to go about their day to day activities without being weighed down or feeling any discomfort which makes this t-shirt great for sports and outdoor activities such as cycling, running, golf, hiking, camping, festivals, concerts, football, basketball, fishing etc.
  • Premium grade zippers have been used throughout this garment to ensure smooth and quick access to the pockets when required.

AyeGear® T5

Want to travel light but keep your valuables close? The AyeGear® T5 offers a discreet solution to keeping your travel essentials safe and secure.

The AyeGear® T5 is a T- shirt with five separate compartments designed for travellers to provide security and accessibility to their valuables and travel essentials.

Our unique design allows travellers to discreetly carry all their travel essentials such as their smartphone, sunglasses, passport, credit cards and keys. With discretely designed pockets secured by colour-matched and concealed zips, the T5 wearer can travel in confidence without the fear of losing their valuables to pickpockets.

Our T- shirts are made from only the finest 100% cotton and we use a lightweight 180 gsm weave for the perfect balance between style and durability.

Simple, versatile and minimalistic – the AyeGear® T5 is an everyday casual tee. Whether your going for a jog or commuting to/from university – the T5 is most certain to have a pocket suited towards your needs, with fingertip access to your essentials.


• 5 Discreet Pockets (with matching ribs and zippers)
• 2x Hand Warmer Pockets (open side pockets)
• 1x Zipped Chest Pocket (ideal for passport)
• 1x Lower Right Pocket (ideal for credit/debit cards)
• Double Stitched Pockets
• Premium Grade Zippers
• PickPocket-Proof Design
• Relaxed Fit
• 100% Cotton
• Machine Washable

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AyeGear H13 Hoodie with 13 Pockets, iPad or Tablet Pocket, MultiPocket Zip Up Fleece Jacket

AyeGear H13 Hoodie with 13 Pockets, iPad or Tablet Pocket, MultiPocket Zip Up Fleece Jacket
  • Hoodie Fleece Jacket with 13 Discreet Pockets – Unique design which makes it truly one of a kind! Not only does it look great but its comfortable to wear whilst keeping you warm during those cold days and useful for carrying your gadgets with you on the go.
  • Touch Sensitive pocket for Smartphones – This allows you to use your smartphone within the jacket’s pocket itself. The clear film on the pocket will not only let you view your smartphone screen but will also let you swipe and type through the pocket which makes it ideal when your on the move and especially when there is heavy rain or snow. Very easy and simple to use. This pocket is compatible with most brands such as Apple iPhone 6/6s, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, etc.
  • Large internal pocket for iPad / tablet or a Macbook 12″ – Carry any tablet with you. The inside pocket keeps your tablet safe and secure. There is no bulge or any kind of sagging when this pocket is used which makes it perfect for those looking to be discreet about carrying expensive devices with them. It is compatible with all major brands of tablets like the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, iPad Mini, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo, Amazon Fire HD, etc.
  • Connectivity, Accessibility, Mobility and Security (CAMS) – Activated. Theft / Pickpocket proof jacket that will keep your devices safe and secure at all times. It can be used for sports, casual wear, leisure clothing, camping, hiking, travel, outdoor pool, gym, festivals, concerts, etc.
  • Zero bulge, Technical fleece hoodie with premium cotton – Available in Black, Grey, Blue, Red and Maroon colors. Machine washable. Sizes available for both men and women.

AyeGear® H13

Want to stay warm, safe and connected whilst on the move? The new AyeGear® H13 is a fleece-lined Hoodie with 13 unique compartments designed for the ultimate in Connectivity, Accessibility, Mobility and Security. The redesigned H13 incorporates the same philosophy as its predecessor in the form of a warm and premium fleece-lined Hoodie aimed at travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and students.

The AyeGear® H13 is a hardwearing designed hoodie which works well in all weather conditions, especially colder climates. It features a full zip design (easy-to-grab zip puller) with quality cotton implemented to provide the wearer with not only functionality but comfort – versatile for everyday adventures.

Engineered and designed for the perfect balance of casual style and comfort, The AyeGear® H13 Hoodie is, literally, a one of its kind.


• 13 Concealed Pockets
• 1x Touch sensitive pocket for Smartphones
• 1x Large pocket for a Tablet, iPad or a Macbook 12″
• 3x Credit card compartments
• 1x Slit for pen
• 2x Outer hand pockets with internal smaller pockets to safely store USB sticks and SD cards
• 2x Zipped chest pockets
• 2x Buttoned pockets (1x on each sleeve)
• Elasticated band for securing liquid bottles or fragile equipment
• Fitted hood
• Pickpocket-proof design
• Premium fabric and quality workmanship
• High quality stitching and top quality zips
• Relaxed fit
• Zero bulge
• Technology enabled clothing
• Machine washable
• Worn on the film set of the movie ‘Xmen Days of Future Past (2014)’

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