Kensington® Compression Socks for Men & Women. Stay Well Anti-DVT Graduated Fit Pain Relief, Recovery, Endurance, Shin Splints, Flight Travel, Medical. Boost Leg Stamina

Kensington® Compression Socks for Men & Women. Stay Well Anti-DVT Graduated Fit Pain Relief, Recovery, Endurance, Shin Splints, Flight Travel, Medical. Boost Leg Stamina
  • PREVENT OVERUSE LEG INJURIES Kensington compression socks are for men & women formulating a foundation to injury free long-haul flights, train travel and lengthy road trips or working many drawn out office hours spent on your feet. Stay Well with Anti-DVT Graduated fit socks for pain relief, recovery, endurance, shin splints and sedentary work. Boost stamina, circulation, & fitness.
  • GET SERIOUS ABOUT HEALING LEG PROBLEMS Laboratory tested to achieve an optimum Graduated Test Compression of 18-21mmHG (Level 1). When your first step is pain free, tested Kensington compression socks keep it that way by increasing your leg stamina long into the day.
  • RECOVER FASTER • IT Band Syndrome • Achilles Tendinitis • Plantar Fasciitis STOP or GO ? the best way to get rid of common leg pains for good is to rest immediately. That means fewer miles walked, or perhaps no standing around for long at all if possible. Bona fide Kensington compression socks aid in alleviating symptoms for the most common causes of leg discomfort. Don’t wait till injury though, take control by making a positive step change today.
  • ASK BEFORE YOUR NEXT PURCHASE – Unmatched durability with instant warmth and comfort. Incomparable feature packed technical sock with extensive list of optional extras all included as standard beyond compare.
  • BUY YOUR BEST we make socks and nothing else. Engineered in the UK made specifically with • 74% NATURAL COTTON for your feet & fast wicking for whole of leg • Anti-odour SILVER• DURABLE Polyester Skeleton

Learn how to get your advantage.

The positive actions of compression socks are simply explained by the appliance of our graduated compression technology, that being firmer in the ankle area and weaker along the leg, improves venous return, i.e., it aids blood circulation from leg veins to the heart, and also assists in muscle stability and the reduction of leg and veins volume.

Reducing lactic acid build up is aided by moving old blood out and new oxygenated blood into the area. This speeds recovery, reduces muscle fatigue and minimizes swelling.

Due to the proven effectiveness of compression socks, healthy people also use them regularly to prevent or reduce the swelling and heaviness and leg pain, problems that normally arise after a day’s work, several hours of walking or even after a long air or road trip.

Not solely an edge for serious athletes. Relief if you’re a professional on your feet all day from boardroom to trading floor, train journeys, long office hours, drives and flights.

Each carefully crafted sock has undergone a final finishing process. PURE by HeiQ anti-odour Silver treatment – antimicrobial properties of silver to control the growth of odour-causing bacteria. The treatment is imperceptible in both handle and appearance and is suitable for only the highest performance ‘smart’ fabric compositions and their blends.

A further benefit of PURE by HeiQ anti-odour treatment is its strong wash fastness, typically achieving 50 washes and higher. This surpasses conventional competitor technologies by up to two times.

Your socks have been over engineered to exceed the demands of both luxury and sporting major global brands. Made for optimal performance and quality mile after mile, hour after hour.

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