The 2009 Camaro An Automotive Revolution

As far as I can see the new 2009 Camaro concept car is being very well received in the  automotive  community, at the first a lot of people hemmed and hawed about one thing or another, just the same as I did. But after spending some time doing a little research on it, I discovered […]

Auto Stocks Suffering

Certainly, the generalized answer to the suffering auto stocks dilemma has something to do with a mixture of things, such as decreased auto sales, the price of gasoline, and environmentally-conscious consumers. Yet, upon careful inspection, one has to question why the auto manufacturers choose not to change course to meet these new demands when you […]

Automotive in the England’s East Midlands

Over 500  automotive  manufacturers are already based in England’s East Midlands, making the region’s  automotive  supply chain one of the strongest in Europe. The world’s leading car manufacturer, Toyota, produces almost 300,000 vehicles here annually, and the region is also home to smaller niche manufacturers such as Bowler Off Road, Noble, Triumph and Norton Motorcycles. […]

Safety Restraint Systems for Automobiles

In today’s fast, highly mechanical, and technologically advanced world, safety is required at every place. May it be for one’s house or the office, while roaming or travelling, or merely while walking or driving, people demand to be safe and secure. The applications of safety measures are very present in vehicles too. Safety Restraint Systems […]

Learning About Automotive Technology

Suppliers that fail to be ahead of regulations, standards, and consumer requirements can suffer in bringing up new  automotive  technologies to market. In early days of auto industry, latest technologies tend to introduce in random manner, at times based on inventor’s whim or possibly even dream tinkerer had night before. Great Bentley brought in aluminum […]