Dick Loehr – The Founder of Team National

Team National is a members only network marketing company, offering a variety of goods and services to members at factory direct pricing. Team National was founded in 1996 by serial entrepreneur and former race car driver Richard Loehr, better known as Dick. Loehr began his career as a race car driver in 1961 with the […]

Optimizing Live Chat For Various Industries

Live chat support is an extremely helpful and effective tool for businesses that are maintaining businesses through websites. Furthermore, it aids in improving customer service. Everything aside (even though you may be implementing live chat on your websites) you should be aware of the fact that every industry has different needs. You should always be […]

Research On Major Automotive Innovations Funded

The drive for cleaner cars roaming the streets of the global community has reached another high. Case in point is the funding of research on major  automotive  innovations by the French Industrial Innovation Agency (Agence de l’Innovation Industrielle, or the AII). The agency recently announced that they will fund the research being conducted by Valeo, […]

Sculpting in Automotive Art

If college students come home on spring break and tell their parents that they have decided to major in art and become a sculptor, many parents would be aghast. Their first thought would be how would they support themselves and next they would envision their child living at home forever. However, there are sculptors who […]

Toyota Avalon

If the Camry is a bit too small for your tastes, Toyota has another option that you may want to consider. The full size Toyota Avalon is one of the best cars going today. In today’s  automotive   industry  there are not too many cars that can be considered full size. But the Toyota Avalon is […]